Thursday, February 11, 2010

Using images from the web

It is very common to re-purpose images from the web to make a presentation look "snappier." However, in writing an academic work, you are saying "this is my work." For that reason, there are some guidelines that must be followed.

In academic work, it is important to honor the wishes of the author of images and drawings. Many authors provide permission to reuse images through Creative Commons. You will often see a symbol on the page for such works: You can search for Creative Commons images on many search engines:

When using an image for which you have permission, you should credit the author in text below the image.

You should not use images pulled from the web in academic work without permission. In the case of ray diagrams, the drawing tool in Google Docs is very good, and I am pleased to see your efforts there.

Your work will not be accepted for credit until it complies with these guidelines.

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