Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Birds Heard Singing With Accents

Discovery Channel :: News :: Birds Heard Singing With Accents: "Birds Heard Singing With Accents
By Jennifer Viegas, Discovery News
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March 21, 2006 — A Scotsman with a heavy brogue may speak the same language as a Texas cowboy, but each has a distinct accent; now researchers have discovered that female whipbirds in Australia sing the same basic songs, but with regional accents.

Female birds in general rarely sing, so that find itself is unusual. The determination is doubly noteworthy because the scientists observed that the males of this species, Psophodes olivaceus, sing with no accent whatsoever."

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Hans Christian Ørsted

As the story is told, Orsted discovered that electric current can deflect a compass needle while he was setting up a demonstration for his students. I wonder if he finished teaching the class! You can find more information about Oertsed and his remarkable discovery about the link between electricity and magnetism at the site linked in the text, and at Wikipedia.